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JigsawFM Heating and Cooling Solutions

We provide heating and cooling solutions for employee comfort also for processes within the workplace.

Paige Green - 09th Jul 23

Showroom Heating System

One of our customers is a nation wide building merchants and they had a issue with a very old combat heater. Jigsaw were called in to rescue the cold staff and customers!

Paige Green - 02nd Jul 23

Our Recommendations & Replacement Options

One of our customers called with an urgent request to visit their site due to a severe leak on a gas fired hot water heater.

Paige Green - 24th Jun 23

Replacing Old Boilers

We look after a nationwide snooker cue and bowling ball manufacturer in Liverpool. They called us with an issue with two very old boilers hidden away in their cellar.

Paige Green - 14th Jun 23

JigsawFM – Gym Heating

A large gym that we look after required a new ducted heater to provide heat into 2 rooms within their training area.

Paige Green - 03rd Jun 23

Heating a semi-permanent building

A world leader in composite hose technology contacted us to provide heating in their new, semi-permanent building. Read more about how we found a suitable solution.

Paige Green - 25th May 23