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Do you want to be able to control the heating and air conditioning in your workplace from your laptop, mobile or tablet?

Do you want to reduce the energy bills for your commercial space?

Do you want to see real-time and historical energy use data straight from your mobile?

Do you want to reduce your carbon footprint?

We can help

Jigsaw FM is one of the leading facilities management companies in the North West, offering energy efficient heating and cooling solutions for the industrial and commercial sector.

We can help to make your heating and cooling solutions more efficient with the installation of computerised controls, allowing you to control your systems right from your laptop, mobile or tablet. Identify where you may be wasting energy to help reduce your energy consumption, as well as reducing your business’ carbon footprint.

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More Services

Computerised Controls

Jigsaw FM offers comprehensive building management systems that are capable of controlling all of your boilers, air handling units, air-conditioning, lighting, and virtually anything else that you need. In addition to its' incredible versatility, all our secure-systems can be accessed online via any computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile.

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Do Your Bit is a specialist service offered by Jigsaw Facilities Management. We aim to reduce your fuel bill by making better use of energy whilst protecting our environment - aiming towards a zero carbon footprint for your company.

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