Do you need a team of reliable heating engineers who can repair and maintain the heating systems in your office, factory or warehouse?

Do you need a new boiler installed in your warehouse?

Need office heating repair in Chester?

Does your boiler need servicing after not using it over the summer months?

Does your commercial boiler need replacing?

Does your Powrmatic heating need servicing?

Have issues with your Combat heater?

We can help

Jigsaw FM is experts in the design, installation and maintenance of office, warehouse, factory and commercial heating systems in Chester, Crewe, North Wales and the surrounding areas of the North West. So if you need office heating repair in Chester then give Jigsaw FM a call!

As partners of Powrmatic and experts in Combat heaters, our expert engineers can help to lower your commercial energy costs by making your commercial heating systems more efficient, as well as reducing the carbon footprint of your business.

To see how our engineers can help you, get in touch today!


Commercial Boilers

Jigsaw FM are specialists in the design, installation and maintenance of factory, office, biomass boilers and commercial boilers in Chester, North Wales and surrounding areas across the North West.

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Solar Thermal Heating

Our industrial solar thermal solutions are designed to help you to heat your water using the sun’s energy. Investing in our solar thermal solutions can get you earning 9.2 pence from the Government for every kilowatt of heat energy generated from our solar thermal systems.

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Space Heating Solutions

We supply and install air source heat pumps which are an efficient way to heat your building, and could significantly reduce both your fuel bills and your carbon emissions.

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