Air Conditioning

Does your workplace needs air conditioning installing?

Does your commercial A/C need repairing?

When should you get your A/C serviced?

Does work productivity improve in naturally ventilated and air conditioned buildings?

Do you need a team of reliable engineers who can install and maintain A/C systems in your workplace?

We can help

Jigsaw FM are experts in the design, installation and maintenance of office, warehouse, factory and commercial air conditioning and ventilation systems in Chester, Crewe, North Wales and the surrounding areas of the North West.

Our team of engineers can fit your workplace with energy efficient air conditioning and ventilation systems to help improve the productivity of your workforce, with increased comfort in your working environment.

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Air Conditioning

Industrial Ventilation

Research shows occupants perform better in naturally ventilated buildings. With a natural airflow on new buildings no longer being sufficient to provide adequate ventilation for buildings, achieving good indoor air quality becomes a task for engineers.

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Office Air Conditioning

In the workplace, air conditioning is no longer considered a luxury, instead it is a necessity in server-rooms, food preparation areas and the like. Should you have a problem with high temperatures; Jigsaw FM will have an air conditioning solution.

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